Several state parks to close in Illinois without new revenue

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI) - The budget impasse in Illinois means several state parks will be closed. The state can't afford to pay the power bill.

There won't be any fishing here at Horseshoe Lake, at least not for a while. This Illinois state park is shutdown because the state doesn't have the money to pay the electricity bill even though someone offered to pay that bill for the state.

Last month, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources closed both Ramsey Lake and Horseshoe Lake because the trash and electric bills were delinquent more than $3,000. It's the result of the state's budget stalemate.

The Belleville News-Democrat reports the Metro East Park and Recreation District offered to cover the overdue utility costs at Horseshoe Lake to keep it open. But the electricity company, Southwestern Electric Cooperative, said no.

Unless it also got paid for the overdue bills at Ramsey Lake and Carlyle Lake. Both of those are outside of the Metro East so the Park District can't help.

That means for now, the parks will stay closed.

Carlyle Park is still open for now simply because it's on a different billing cycle.

But if the electricity is cut off there, the state says that park will be shut down as well.

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