Missouri’s viral anthem that you probably haven’t heard

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The state of Missouri now has an unofficial anthem. DJ Rockette spent the last 9 months making a music video about the “Show Me State” featuring Carli Rohlfing.

The freshman St. Charles Community college student tells FOX 2, “I am trying to raise the amount of patriotism in Missouri.”

The rapper went on a roadtrips to visit the best Missouri has to offer. There are so many towns and landmarks featured in this video that they are hard to fit in one article. The lyrics are posted below.

We last encountered DJ Rockette in April 2015. He made a viral video called, “The O’Fallon State of Mind” with featuring Kelsey Bean. It was a parody of Jay Z and Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind.” The video showcased the best of O’Fallon.

The Missouri Anthem Lyrics – DJ Rockette ft. Carli Rohlfing

You know
Not too many people know anything about the state of Missouri
I mean
They know we have the Arch
And we have a couple caves and what not, but uh
Let me go ahead and show you what we do have

Welcome to Missouri, A.K.A. the Show Me State
And most people around here would agree with me when I say
That this is a lovely land, the hardest job you can have is being the weatherman
In Missouri, we wear Crocs and Fanny Packs
Well I’m the only one, but I’m bringing it back
The gateway to the West, the Arch is the door,
The world’s fair was hosted here in 1904
The people are attractive and the creatures are the cutest
The first Olympics in America happened in St. Louis
Here in the Lou there’s so many things to do
Like the City Museum, Science Center, and the best free Zoo
Forest park (What’s that?) A perfect place to take a date
We have the tallest standing monument in the United States
We have the Bridal Cave, if you wish to get wed
And Chillicothe is the best thing since sliced bread!

It’s the Show Me state, just wait and see
Why we love Missouri, Missouri
It’s the place you wanna go, the place you want to make your home
Where would you rather be, than in Missouri?

Jefferson City’s our capital, we’re always thinking rational
If you love to love life, then you and Missouri are compatible
The fun is unimaginable, the feeling here is radical
The DECA students from state always make it to internationals
We’re the home of the Aces, Cards and the Royals
Our players stay motivated, so the fans stay loyal
The Chiefs, (aye) Wizards, (aye) and we have the Blues (okay)
It pays to get a season pass, because we rarely lose
If out of the country on Spring Break is where you wanna go
You don’t need a plane ticket because we have a Mexico
A Louisiana, and Washington where you can hang all day
We even have our own, California
KC has more miles of boulevard than Paris, and more fountains than Rome
The barbeque will make you wish that you could call this place your home
As far as entertainment, Branson is the place to go
So many grand museums, so many illustrious shows
And you can come with me, to Silver Dollar City
If you’ve never been there then that is simply such a pity
Come to Six Flags St. Louis to have some fun in the sun
Or go to Kansas City, for Worlds of Fun!

It’s the Show Me State, just wait and see
Why we love Missouri, Missouri (Missouri)
It’s the place you wanna go
The place you want to make your home (Make your home)
Where would you rather be
Then in Missouri

Communities have their hard times, that’s inevitable
But the return that Ferguson made is incredible
And the police, deal with situations that become elevated
Just know that everything you do, is greatly appreciated
So many stars were born in Missouri
I don’t know where to begin
Like Daniel Boone, Mark Twain, shoutout to Huckleberry Finn
Tech Nine, Nelly, Cedric the Entertainer too
Eminem, Akon, and Ellie Kemper girl I love you! (I really do)
If you talk, bad about Imo’s then you will probably get roasted
Missouri’s responsible for creating ravioli that’s toasted
If you get a sweet tooth
You should grab some Ted Drews
Bring a catching glove to Lambert’s because they will throw a roll right at you
Mr. D’s pizza will change your life in a good way
And I could eat Sweetie Pie’s every single day (It’s fire)
The city of O’fallon is where I reside
it’s a great community with pride we never hide (O’Town)
You can go the Ameristar (For what?), and eat away your sorrows
Or spend time in the beautiful historic downtown St. Charles
Looking for a vacation, no need to roll the dice
Because Lake of the Ozarks, is simply paradise!

It’s the Show me State, just wait and see
Why we love Missouri, Missouri
It’s the place, one of our favorite spots in the United States (It really is baby)
In the Midwest
Possibly the best
You can be happy in the East or the West (It’s true)
It’s all, in your mindset (It’s true)
But if you ask me I think people would agree about Missouri
It’s the Show Me State, now you see, why you love Missouri, Missouri (We love it)
It’s the place you want to go
The place you want to make your home,
Where would you rather be, then in Missouri?

You can be happy anywhere you live
So why not be positive
You’ll never want to live in a hurry
Because this is Missouri

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