St. Ann hit hard by Wednesday’s storm

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - The city of St. Ann lost some very old trees because of high winds. In one case a falling tree led to the condemnation of a home. Tabitha Krusynski lived in the condemned home, “The three crashed through the roof it sounded like a shotgun went off.” The tree not only went through the roof but also caused the kitchen ceiling to break wide open.

Power lines were still energized after they fell, firefighters cut the electricity. People who lived in the house are upset about their home but also thankful all family members were not hurt.

Piles of debris lined St. Ann streets after more than 100 limbs fell.  Police Chief Aaron Jimenez said a number of trees also fell in the storm, “8 big tree all over the city down in the middle of the streets.”

While Ameren restored power city, crews cleared roads.  Jim Brown has a big cleanup job. Brown said, “It’s the second time in two years.” What remain of the same that partially fell two years ago after a different storm toppled again.  Brown added, “Did almost the same, crushed my air conditioner tore the siding and the gutters off…I just got two estimates to take it down. They each wanted $2,500 I should have taken it down a little sooner.”

He said it was the tallest tree in the neighborhood.