Woman goes to hospital with shark attached to arm

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A Florida woman was rushed to the hospital after a shark bit her. But she had to be taken to the emergency room with the shark was still attached to her arm.

It was a beautiful day at the beach turned somewhat chaotic for a 23-year-old woman. Witness’s say all of a sudden they saw a lady calmly coming out of the water near Red Reef Park with a shark still attached to her arm. “The shark was on it really really hard. But I am glad everything is OK.”

Ocean Rescue Captain Clint Tracy says he was very impressed with how the woman handle bite. When crews arrived the nearly two foot shark was dead but maintained it’s grip.

“There was very little blood. She was calm. Good vitals and they secured her to a splint on to the stretcher with the shark and she went to Boca Raton regional hospital with the shark attached to her arm,” said Tracy.

Captain Tracy says the attack is unusual being that nursing sharks are usually quite docile and stationary. This shark in particular was known to stay near the reef. “It’s a shark that has been in our park for sometime and while we have compassion for the victim we are sad the shark is not going to be there anymore.”

The shark was killed before fire rescue arrived, but firefighters say they were unable to remove it from the arm at the scene.