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Confused fan wears Cubs hat, Cardinals jersey

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ST. LOUIS — The Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals rivalry is considered among the best in baseball, but one fan looks like he wants everyone to just get along.

The Cubs were in St. Louis on Wednesday for an afternoon matchup with their mortal foes when the home team’s broadcast captured a confused man in the stands in the top of the second inning.

A few rows behind home plate, he sat wearing a vintage Cardinals jersey — and a Cubs cap.

In a move that would make Sweden gush, this fan’s neutrality caught the attention of many on Twitter (because of course it did).

“You’re doing it wrong, buddy,” wrote St. Louis journalist and Chicago native Chris Hrabe.

Wrote Twitter user Twittinsports in reply, “This should be at least a misdemeanor.”

Another said the man’s actions should get him “fired from everything.” A bit harsh, perhaps.

“[W]hat is this monstrosity,” wrote another.

And so on.


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