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Kinloch officer injured when suspects car plows into police cruiser

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KINLOCH, MO (KTVI) – A police officer who was seriously injured when a suspect slammed his car into the patrol vehicle talked about the frightening incident.  Friday the 13th of this month was tremendously unlucky for 49-year-old Sgt. Robert Brooks. He’s a member of the Kinloch police force. He was released from the hospital three days ago.

Sgt. Brooks said, “I still have the pain with the rib cage. My lungs are still bruised. I still have severe headaches.”

The ordeal began in the early morning hours of that Friday when a car fleeing from a fellow Kinloch officer crashed into Brook’s patrol car.  Brook’s so-in-law was also in the car preparing to become a city marshal. Not only were they injured, but two cars and a home caught fire because of the crash.

Sgt. Brooks added, “It was pretty traumatic. I’ve been through some situations before. I’ve been shot at, I’ve had vehicles drive at me. When I was with Upland Park I had a vehicle drag me down the road…this (May 13th) was the worst.”

Brooks said his injuries include a knot on his forehead, six fractured ribs and a deep gash on his scalp.

He said authorities know who is responsible and police are seeking warrants for a number of felony charges.

His wife wants the person responsible. Brooks tells me he’s had other scary incidents while on duty. Dianne Brooks said, “I want him to be caught and put in jail and given the maximum sentence. He could have taken my husband’s life.”

His son-in-law is at home recovering from similar injuries. Brooks said he won’t be able to return to work for at least a month.

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