Trailer full of dance props stolen three weeks before team’s national competition

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EAST ALTON, IL (KTVI) - Fitness & Fun Dance Studio owner Vickie Maxwell shuffled through photos on social media Friday night. She was trying to locate pictures of dance props, which were inside a trailer stolen from the parking lot in front of her business overnight Thursday.

The white trailer contained props including a theatrical swing set, an over-sized rocking chair, and a park bench.

Maxwell’s team, the Dazzler Dance Company, has been rehearsing for nationals, which are three weeks away in Overland Park, Kansas.

Maxwell said her husband called Friday morning and said, “Where’s the trailer?”

“We just had recital,” said Maxwell. “So we had all our props in there and had brought it back and were going to be unloading it today. But the whole trailer, with all the props was gone.”

Maxwell said chances are the thieves didn’t realize what it was they were getting in the trailer they drove off with. She’s hoping once they do realize it, they will just leave the trailer in a parking lot or something, so the girls can get back to work.

“It's the centerpiece of all our dances,” said Dan Fletcher, whose daughter is on the dance team. “That's the thing-- we're going to have to rebuild them if we don't get them back. It's a big piece. We had a lot of props, and they're big props.”

“If we don’t get them back we're going to start rebuilding everything to get ready for nationals,” Maxwell said.

Is that even possible?

“We will make it possible,” she said. “We have a lot of dads who will get together and work hard to get everything rebuilt.”

Maxwell said police are checking with area businesses to determine if any of them have surveillance video which shows who drove off with the trailer. In order to determine what they got, thieves will have to break in. The trailer is locked for safe-keeping.