FOX 2 to host Republican debate for Missouri Governor Monday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - You can expect political debate here in Missouri to be heating up over the next two months. The statewide primary is August 2. That’s when voters will nominate candidates for five statewide offices along with one U.S. Senate seat and eight Congressional districts.

FOX2 is hosting an hour long debate Monday June 6 at 7pm among the four Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for governor. There has not been a Republican in the Missouri Governor’s office since Matt Blunt left office in 2009.

Two of the candidates offer strong political experience. The other two bring leadership in business, not for profits and the military to the table.

64-year old St. Louis businessman John Brunner is making his second bid for a statewide office. He ran for the GOP’s U.S Senate nomination in 2012 and lost to Todd Akin. Brunner served as a U.S. Marine and is touting his connections to veterans.

So too is the youngest candidate Eric Greitens, a 42-year old retired Navy Seal, who founded The Mission Continues, a not-for-profit that helps returning service members continue their public service. Greitens emphasizes he is an “outsider” who will bring fresh ideas to government.

If elected, Catherine Hanaway, a 52-year old lawyer, would be Missouri’s first female governor. She was the first woman elected as Speaker of the Missouri House and ran unsuccessfully for Missouri Secretary of State in 2004. She then went on to serve as the federal U.S. Attorney in St. Louis.

The only candidate who has won a statewide election, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is finishing his third term in office. He is a 62-year old lawyer and has spent several decades in government.

Representatives for the candidates visited the FOX2 News studios Thursday to participate in a drawing for studio spots and the order of questions during Monday’s upcoming debate.

In order to vote in the Missouri August 2 primary, you must be registered at your current Missouri address by July 6. Voters do not have to belong to a political party to ask for the party's ballot on election day.

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FOX2 has extended an invitation for a debate to all four Democrats seeking their party's nomination Governor.