New nutritional label better reflects the American diet

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Licensed dietitian Jen McDaniel, Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics , explains the changes made to the new nutritional label.

While the recognized label look stays the same, the calories, serving size and servings per container will be larger and be put in bold to make it easier for us to make informed choices about what we are eating.

Serving size changes will get a reality check. The new label more realistically reflects how much people eat at one time. For example, the serving size and corresponding nutrition information of ice cream would be based on a 2/3 cup serving versus ½ cup serving.

The change most dietitians are excited about is a separate line on the food label for added sugars.

Also, the required list of vitamins and minerals will be updated. The new label still lists iron and calcium, but adds vitamin D and potassium.

Total, fat, saturated fat and trans fat will remain on the label but calories from fat will be removed

The new nutritional label won't be released until 2018, so start studying now!

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By Tess Hill