Pharmacy burglars caught on camera in St. Francois county

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BONNE TERRE, MO - Two pharmacies were targeted by thieves Wednesday in St. Francois county. It's at least the fifth time crooks have broken into pharmacies in the county in less than a year. This time the crime was caught on camera.

Police believe the same two people hit two pharmacies, one in Bonne Terre and one in Desloge.

Citizens in St. Francois county are not happy about the criminals who`ve been targeting pharmacies. In Desloge the front door of the Parkland Health Mart Pharamcy is still boarded up. Up the road in Bonne Terre the Pharmax Pharmacy`s door has been repaired both were burglarized early Wednesday morning.

"Then went to the front door and broke the glass out of the front door with a hand axe." said Desloge Police Chief James Bullock.

Several surveillance cameras caught the criminals in the act. Both covered from head to toe. One wearing a Houston Astros ball cap, the other a ball cap with camouflage on the bill.

After breaking through the door they begin looking around inside apparently for narcotics. They couldn`t find any but they did discover the safe, after shaking it they give up and leave the scene. They flee empty handed in Bonne Terre. They only got some over the counter medicine.

Within the last several months there have been several pharmacy burglaries in the area. So why hit these? The Chief says it may have to do with their location so close to Highway 67.

"I think they thought they would be able to get in there quickly and have an escape route of Highway right next to them so they could flee quickly." said Chief Bullock.

Thieves did get some narcotics in the burglaries several months ago. Since then pharmacies have made sure drugs are locked up tight.