UPS truck driver has windows shot-out on I-70; diagnosed with PTSD

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Long-time UPS Driver Greg Nantkes says the windows were shot out of the tractor-trailer he drives for UPS on March 1. It happened on Interstate 70 near Lucas & Hunt.

Nantkes and his wife say he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder shortly after the incident. As a result, he was not willing to discuss the incident on camera.

But his wife, Sheri, was willing.

“My husband had been driving down Interstate 70,” said Sheri. “A white car came up beside him and took a couple shots at him and shattered his windows.”

Nantkes has photographs of the damage left behind.

He filed a police report with Normandy. It reads, in part… “while he was traveling in the center lane at I-70 westbound and Bermuda, a white
Pontiac Grand Am pulled up alongside his truck and he heard two loud noises that sounded like pops. And then his back and passenger side windows broke.”

After the incident, Nantkes went right back to work, but soon found out he could not work. Sheri says that’s when Greg’s doctor diagnosed him with PTSD.

“I've been married to my husband for 25 years,” said Sheri. “And I can guarantee you the man I'm living with is not the man I married.”

Sheri said what happened to her husband is a new worry for delivery drivers’ loved ones.

“My husband drives a big truck, and I worry about him whenever there's bad weather-- ice and everything,” she said. “But I never really thought he'd be shot at.”

Fox-2 News contacted UPS officials about the incident. While they acknowledge the inquiry, UPS officials have not yet commented on what happened.