Couple organizing to fight heroin addiction after losing son

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Taking it to the streets to help fight heroin. Organizers of the north county Walking for Wellness march were hoping to a lot of people would show up.

Walking for Wellness organizers Ellis and Patti Fitzwalter cause is personal. They lost a son to a heroin overdose.

Three people showed up to walk with them. I asked the Fitzwalters what they hope comes out of this.

"If we can save one more family from going through the hell." said Ellis Fitzwalter.

Ellis and Patti finish each other's sentences.

"...of addiction, it'll be worth it."

" We wanted to come out here and raise awareness here in north county." said Ferguson Mayor James Knowles.

Because five people does a movement make. They'll try it again next week.

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