Muny adds security for 98th season opener

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The hot start to the week is also going to be in play for opening night this evening for the Muny. it is a momentous night at the Muny as the 98th season kicks off.

There is a lot of anticipation for the seven shows including tonight`s opening of the Wizard of Oz through the 22nd. As the tragedy in Orlando reminds us, we`re not in Kansas anymore. The Muny is taking that into consideration tonight.

Fans stopped in Forest Park in the lunch hour to get tickets for the Wizard of oz, returning for the first time in ten years. Because that schedule is so condensed, 42nd Street began their rehearsals and sets were being painted and constructed today. They have extensive security measures in place already and met last night in light of the mass shooting in Orlando.

The Muny works with park rangers, St. Louis Police Department, hired security throughout the park and have added barricades.

The other concern will be the heat. The Muny says they`re prepared for that as well.

"The thing that helps us that work to our advantage is that our shows don`t start until 8:15. So, at that point the sun is down, or on it's way down. We recommend people dress for the weather and pack a couple bottles of water. We have water all over the concession stands and be prepared to be outside just like you would be for anything else." said Director Marketing & Communications at The Muny, Kwofe Coleman.

You can bring soft sided coolers and bottled water, just no cans or glass containers or outside alcohol. If coming to the show you might want to leave a little earlier and take into consideration new security measures.