Coolest shoes may cause serious damage to your feet

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  When the temperature rises, we love to slip in to our favorite flip flops to keep our feet nice and cool. How can we survive in a flip flop world without ruining our feet?

In 2014, 25,300 of the 198,437 emergency room visits due to shoe-related injuries were associated with flip flops.

Dr. Dave Gutekunst, St. Louis University, joins us to warn us of the danger of America's favorite summer shoe.

He says that those who are flip flop frequenters have a higher risk of blisters, bacteria, pain, bad posture.

But don't worry! If you absolutely cannot give up your favorite shoes, Dr. Gutekunst says flip flops are totally fine in moderation.

The doctor does give some tips to keep your feet healthy. He says never drive with flip flops on, replace your flip flops every few months, and splurge on the best pair possible!

Take care of your feet this summer!