This man dropped everything to become a rookie cop at the age of 50!

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Imagine giving up a job as an executive at United Way to become a rookie police officer at the age of 50.

Well that's exactly what Mark Johnson did!

He's detailed his experiences in a new book, titled "Apprehensions and Convictions: Adventures of a 50-year-old Rookie Cop."

The author and officer  doesn't candy-coat the boredom, the monotony or the repetitive parts of policing, but he shares enough of his background and his on-the-job experiences both as a cop and a business guy that will amuse readers.

Johnson also writes about his years growing up in St. Louis and his return visit when he had been fired from his Colorado sales job.

One jarring element of the book is Johnson's frequent use of dialect and slang. He explains in the preface that the language he quotes is specific to where he`s policing. But a little goes a long way, and there's way more than a little used.

But the reader can overlook a lot as he tells of arresting thieves and trespassers, the sometimes likable bad guys and girls and the physical toll policing takes on a middle-age man. He stuck with policing for 12 years, retiring two years ago at age 62.

Start reading "Apprehensions and Convictions: Adventures of a 50-year-old Rookie Cop" today!

Johnson will be signing books tomorrow at 6:30 at Subterranean Books on Delmar!