Comfort dogs do just that in times of tragedy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Sometimes the only thing that can make you feel better is snuggling up with a pup. After the recent tragedy in Orlando, comfort dogs from around the nation were sent to be there for the victims.

Sue Nielsen is here to discuss the benefits of comfort dogs.  Comfort dogs work in major tragedies like tornadoes; school shootings, the Boston Marathon bombing, and now the Orlando shootings. Noah and 11 other dogs were at the funeral for the Guetzler family in Nashville, IL, after their plane crashed and left just the daughter alive.

The parent organization is Lutheran Church Charities based in Northbrook, IL, which has around 100 dogs in 20 states in America. Each congregation has a number of handlers who take the comfort dog out so the ministry of compassion is multiplied throughout each week.

Comfort dogs can usually be found working locally at hospitals, nursing homes, school classrooms, home visits, and funeral visitations. They also go places to make people just feel better like college classes before finals, parades, and civic events. Each dog makes 7 to 10 visits each week.  They go to most all of the church services.

The best place to contact any one of the dogs is via Facebook! Here are their pages:

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