Nixon signs bill to connect prisons, hospitals to local food

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation to expand a state program aimed at serving locally grown food in school cafeterias.

The bill Nixon signed Friday would connect state farmers to prisons, hospitals, and military bases, along with schools.

The legislation also deals with tax credits for beef producers and meat processors.

It extends a beef producer tax credit of 10 cents per pound through 2021. The measure increases the tax credit to 25 cents per pound for sale weights more than 600 pounds, capped at $15,000.

The new law also creates a tax credit for new, modernized or expanded meat processing facilities for 25 percent of the costs, capped at $75,000.

The goal is to expand processing in the state rather than shipping beef elsewhere for processing.