Pollinator week looks to save the bees

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Happy national pollinator week! Every year, the week addresses the issue of declining pollinator populations, such as bees, birds, butterflies and beetles. Here in St. Louis at Monsanto, they're conducting research on how to protect the declining population of honey bees.

Jerry Hayes, a beekeeping expert at Monsanto, discusses what Monsanto is doing to help the special critters. He says that the honey bee population is declining because of the varroa mite, which is a mite that was accidentally introduced to the United States and living in the honey bee hive, harming the bees.

A product, called biodirect, is on the way that bees can ingest using sugar water as a medium, which is harmless to them, and that can control the mites. St. Louis is the epicenter of that research, but field trials are happening right now in hundreds of locations across the country.

Hayes is particularly excited about this research, noting that Monstanto is the only company in the world that is looking for a non pesticide option to fix this problem.

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