Take Your Dog to Work Day fun

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day across the country, where employers are encouraged to allow pets in the workplace for one day out of the year.

If your coworker is a canine you're going to have to contend with dog breath and the occasion squirrel.
But for one day a year is that really such a bad thing?

“We know that pets can have a wonderful positive impact on our lives both physically and mentally,” says Dr. Kurt Venator, Director of Veterinary Strategy Purina. “Pets can help you reduce blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels and decrease loneliness and increase activity levels. We also know that when it comes to pets in the workplace, it can increase employee morale and also increase productivity.”

At Purina headquarters in downtown St. Louis, pups are always welcome. For the last 18 years, the pet care company has allowed animals to come to work every single day of the year and now they're asking employers nationwide to just give into one day and allow man's best friend to chill at the office.

“Oh that means a lot to me and the people around me,” says Cat Small, a Purina Employee who brought her four month old puppy named Carrot. “It makes me not as nervous that he’s not at home alone. Actually, today is Carrot’s first day.”

Purina set a record in 2015 with RecordSetter.com when employees brought 281 pets to work. On Friday, with a drone above, and dogs below, there were activities for owners and pets and lots of opportunities to be at one with your dog while at your work.

“Having a pet at work allows you to have a better work life balance,” says Venator. “It encourages you to take a break during the day and walk out to a beautiful dog park, say hello to colleagues and get some oxygen in your lungs. It’s also good to have a pet near you if the day gets a little stressful to help calm you down.”

While Fido isn't going to help with the filing or the TPS reports, he may help your blood pressure. And this dog’s day of summer might not be such a bad idea after all.