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The Facebook Facade and how it makes you feel lonely

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- There are countless benefits to social media, but do apps like Facebook make you feel more connected or just plain lonely? Therapist Dr. Rachel Glik takes us on a reality trip.

The doctor does not want to steer anyone away from Facebook, but rather to encourage you to develop a self aware and balanced relationship with social media. She gives 5 steps in combating the problems with the social media movement.

Step 1: Awareness is half the battle

It's important to know that Facebook can be associated with these three pitfalls: a decrease in real intimacy, an increase in loneliness and an increase in sadness and feeling not good enough.

Step 2: Embrace time with yourself

Facebook tempts us where we are most vulnerable, offering us an illusion that we will never have to be alone. Instead of turning to Facebook right away when lonely, restless, bored or anxious try going inward first and enjoy your own company.

Step 3: Create time for real conversations

A major consequence of social media is the loss of real conversation. Conversations with others help bring down the walls between us and teach us how to listen and have conversations with ourselves.

Step 4: Find the balance and create a plan

Spend time monitoring how Facebook, and any of your device time, is working for you. Create a plan that feels balanced for you. Some find they do best when they limit time spent or when they go on Facebook for a specific purpose.

Step 5: Don't compare: be happy with what you have

People typically put their best side and events up on Facebook, which can feed the illusion! The real truth is, no one is better than anyone else, or worse.

So put down those phones and connect to your friends, in person!

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