Heart failure survivor thanks her L-vad

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Joining us via satellite are Dr. Susan Joseph, a cardiologist who treats advanced heart failure and Jessica Rogers, a 28-year-old heart-failure survivor and 1st place winner of the "thanks to an L-vad" video contest.

An L-vad is a left ventricular assist device that provides an additional treatment option for heart failure patients. An L-vad attaches to the heart and is designed to assist, or take over, the pumping function of the patient's left ventricle - the main pumping chamber of the heart.

Five million Americans are currently living with heart failure. Although left ventricular assist devices are a potentially life-saving treatment option for some advanced heart failure patients, there is limited awareness about these devices among physicians and patients.

Advanced heart failure is a frightening and debilitating condition with few treatment options. Studies have shown that Lvads can help extend the lives of some heart-failure patients and improve their quality of life. The 'thanks to an Lvad ...'` national video contest was created to capture the stories of real Lvad recipients and thereby help to educate others about this treatment option.

Jessica decided to enter this contest to raise awareness about the amazing procedure that has completely changed her life.

To learn more about Lvads, visit: thankslvad.com and to locate a local chapter of Mended Hearts, please visit mendedhearts.org.

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