Fireworks businesses not too worried about rainy forecast

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BARNHARDT, MO (KTVI) - Rain and fireworks typically don’t mix. But Fireworks stand owners are not really worried about the forecast of three days of rain this holiday weekend.

James Dockery, who manages his own store in Jefferson County, said wet weather doesn’t hurt his business.

“Some of them race through the rain to get back in their car,” Dockery said.

He’s been in the fireworks business for decades and even during violent storms customers show up to make purchases. Folks who’ve heard about the rainy forecast are not about to let that to stop them and their Fourth of July fun.

Margaret Traube was one of those customers buying fireworks Thursday. She said she’s not concerned about the weather.

“It’s okay; we’ll just adjust our plans if we can’t do it Sunday, we’ll do it on Monday,” she said.

Fireworks stand owners are not concerned about wet weather, but they do worry about a drought.

“When it’s really, really, dry people get scared,” Dockery said.

Dry weather can kill businesses, like the one we had four years ago during the Independence Day celebration.

“If you can survive the fireworks business in 2012, then you can survive the rain. I promised myself I’d never complain about the rain again – never,” said Randy Vaughn, owner of Randy’s Fireworks.

Not only do folks enjoy the fireworks, some spend a lot of cash lighting up the nighttime skies.

“I have a lot of people that spend a thousand and two thousand dollars, and I’ve had people spend as much as five to seven thousand dollars,” Dockery said.

Every year, Missouri issues permit to 1,200 seasonal fireworks retailers.