Illinois jury awards 12-year-old $53M in birth injury case

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CHICAGO (AP) _ A Cook County jury has awarded a record $53 million in a birth injury case involving an infant born at a Chicago hospital in 2004.

The jury’s decision came Wednesday after a trial before Cook County Circuit Judge John Kirby.

Attorneys for the now 12-year-old Isaiah Ewing claim the University of Chicago Medical Center was negligent during his birth and could have prevented his brain injuries if they’d performed a cesarean section earlier.

John L. Kirkton, editor of the Jury Verdict Reporter, which has compiled Illinois awards since 1959, says it’s the highest award reported for a plaintiff in a birth injury case in Cook County.

University of Chicago Medical Center will try to overturn the verdict and issued a statement questioning the conduct of plaintiff’s attorney Geoffrey Fieger (FY’-ger).