Flag-lowering occasions in Missouri in 2015

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On nearly 90 percent of days last year, one or more states were flying the American flag at half-staff to memorialize the deaths of military members, public officials, police, first responders, prominent citizens, and victims of mass killings and disasters, The Associated Press found in analyzing information requested from all 50 states and the federal government. Instances of Missouri ordering the flag flown at half-staff last year on at least some government property, separate from proclamations that came from the federal government:

_Jan. 14: Christopher Tindall, South Metropolitan Fire Protection District battalion chief, who died after responding to a call

_Feb. 26-March 3: State Auditor Thomas Schweich, who authorities said killed himself

_April 1: Marshfield Fire Deputy Chief Edward Noland Jr., who died of injuries sustained in a 2011 fire

_April 17: Charles McClain, the former Truman State University president and state higher education commissioner

_April 25: Vietnam soldier Sgt. Rodney Griffin, who was killed in 1970

_May 8: Orchard Farm Firefighter Larry Wayne Lawhorn, who died of a medical issue while heading to a fire

_Aug. 28-Sept. 4: Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper James Bava, who died in a crash during a chase

_Sept. 18: Harrison County sheriff’s deputy Steven “Brett” Hawkins, who died after returning from a call

_Oct. 8: Former state Sen. Harold Caskey

_Oct. 14-21: Kansas City firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh, who died during a blaze

_Oct. 20-26: Marine Lance Cpl. Dominic Schraft, who was killed at a shooting range at Camp Pendleton in California

_Dec. 29: Former state Sen. Emory Melton