Driver who crashed into Wentzville police vehicle extremely intoxicated – Police

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI) - The Wentzville Police Department said a suspected drunk driver was three times the legal limit when she struck a patrol vehicle Sunday.

A sergeant on the scene was standing just a few feet away from his car when the crash happened.

“We lost a police vehicle. Fortunately, we didn’t lose an officer,” Wentzville Police Chief Kurt Frisz said. “This would be a far more tragic story than it already is, because we’re dealing with an impaired driver that initiated all of this.”

The sergeant, a 12-year veteran with the department, was assisting with a rollover accident near the median of Hwy 61 in St. Charles County in the early hours of Sunday morning. He had had set up a security zone for St. Charles County responders when a vehicle came crashing into his patrol SUV.

Newly-released images of the department’s Chevy Tahoe illustrate show the degree of the impact.

Chief Frisz said the driver was traveling at full speed, likely 60 miles an hour.

“There didn’t appear to be any braking before impact,” he said.

The officer was not injured, but newly-released photos show the impact of the damage.

(Source: Wentzville Police Department)

(Source: Wentzville Police Department)

The suspected drunk driver, a woman, had minor injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Frisz said the incident serves as a reminder for drivers to obey the law and move over when emergency responders are on the scene. He said flashing lights could be seen from a distance.

“There was no excuse that anybody wouldn’t have been able to see the accident. They would have had plenty of time to slow down and move over. That didn’t happen,” he said. “Working this accidents on the highway is a high-risk situation. And all we ask is that the motoring public respect the fact that we’re out there doing our job. And just give us room to do it.”

The St. Charles County Police Department is investigating the matter and will present the case to the St. Charles County Prosecutor’s Office for charges.