Fireworks finale flub in Webster Groves on Fourth of July

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KTVI) - Not all fireworks went off as planned on the Fourth of July.

People who watching the fireworks in Webster Groves on Monday evening noticed something wasn’t right when the show, which usually lasts 20 minutes, was only five minutes long.

The show started off fine; but just a few minutes in, the finale went off.

Susan Harvey, the sales consultant for J & M Displays, the company in charge of the fireworks show, said an ember from one of the first few fireworks accidentally sparked the ones set up for the finale.

Harvey said the winds shifted from the time they set up the show earlier in the day. When the show started, the winds helped pre-ignite the finale.

The finale was covered with aluminum foil, Harvey said, but thinks a spark must have hit an area that was uncovered.

Harvey apologized to anyone who was at the show and said they will be back next year and the show will be better.