Women preemptively freezing eggs because of Zika virus worries

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games are one month away, but there is less talk about who will be competing and more about the dangers of the Zika virus. Dr. Mira Aubuchon with the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine joins us to talk about the impact of the virus.

The Zika virus is mostly found in South and Central America, but travelers have come back with it, and there have been babies born in the United States with issues that resemble those caused by the Zika virus. Many women who want to get pregnant are taking an alternative route by choosing to freeze eggs and sperm now.

Dr. Aubuchon recommends that because there are many unknowns with the Zika virus. If you are visiting a Zika infected region, put off fertility treatment until you comeback, or put off travelling to these areas completely.

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