Downed trees and storm damage in Farmington

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FARMINGTON, MO (KTVI) – Summer storms brought high winds and doused the City of Farmington with rain, resulting in downed trees and power lines, as well as damaged homes.

Before it hit this community, campers at nearby St. Joe State Park were nervous when the storm rolled through. Some said their tents were lifted and tossed, tent poles were bent and fabric was ripped.

“Seeing our tent way over there, it was scary," said camper Michelle Baker. "There was a lot of lightening and thunder, and the rain was really heavy.”

Power was cut to the area, making the restrooms useless; the doors were locked.

One large tree smashed on top of a man’s trailer home, a big limb jabbing its way through his roof.

“It's bad," he said. "I came into my bedroom because the door's punched through and if I had been in that room I would have been killed."

In Farmington, signs for businesses on the main road were damaged.

City officials opened the civic center in Farmington for storm victims, but by early evening only a few people had arrived and they left a short time later.

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