Summer fun a short drive away in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, TN (KTVI) - Less than 300 miles south of St. Louis you’ll find a place fit for kings. The King of Rock n Roll lived here, B.B King came to fame here, and with all the barbecue in this town, you’ll also eat like royalty.

“The thing with Memphis is grilling to perfection, making meat tender, and providing a smoky flavor.” Said Eric Vernon, proprietor at the Bar-B-Q shop.

During our trip to Memphis we found there’s more to this space than barbecue, blues on Beale Street, and a behemoth Bass Pro shop.

“It has to be family friendly and budget friendly.” Said Craig Unger, Memphis Redbirds General Manager.

You’ll find that family friendly and budget friendly atmosphere at Auto Zone Park, home to the Memphis Redbirds, Triple-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals.

“For us, it’s a lot more about the experience than it is the players because our players can come and go and move so fast, it’s hard to promote that someone is going to be there because a couple days later they can be in St. Louis,” added Unger.

The ballpark underwent a $6.5 million dollar renovation in 2015 that includes two new clubs inside the stadium.

The price is right at the concession stand, and if you’re really hungry check out all you can eat Thursday’s. We were in town for crawfish night!

When you’re finished with the Redbirds, head over to the Memphis Zoo to check out some real animals. The Memphis Zoo is one of only four zoo’s in the country with Giant Pandas. These picky eaters know what they like chomping down 60 to 80 pounds of bamboo a day.

Another can’t miss exhibit at the Memphis Zoo is the new Zambezi River hippo camp. Set on four acres, the $22.4 million dollar exhibit features three hippos and a setting that will make you feel far away from the mid-south.

“I think the niche that we’ve really carved out for ourselves is building exhibits that are what we call immersive and that is that you feel that you’re in that part of the world when you go there,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs Memphis Zoo.

Once you’re done with all that zoo fun, you can’t leave Memphis without a taste of what makes this town a special place.


Eric Vernon and his staff at the Bar-B-Que Shop have been wowing barbecue lovers from around the world for decades.

“We’re the originators of bbq spaghetti, which is a Memphis thing and we get our ribs specially cut for the bbq shop. You’re not going to go to any other bbq restaurant and find a rib that looks like ours. Nobody can get our ribs.” Added Vernon.

“Everybody cooks good meat. The difference in the restaurants is the sauce. Bar-B-Q Shop has the best sauce in the city,” said Bill Fox, a patron of the restaurant for 25 years.

It’s now time for you to find your own must-do’s in Memphis. You’ll see there’s much more explore and it’s all about four hours south of St. Louis on Interstate 55.

Pack up the car and fill up your tank because summer fun for everyone awaits you in Memphis.