Republican National Convention preview

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(KTVI) – You Decide 2016, the Republican National Convention kicks off Monday in Cleveland.  This convention will be like none we have seen.

A political newcomer Donald Trump will take the baton as the leader of the Republican Party.

The big question is whether his nomination will rally the party or cause more division.

Donald Trump speaking with Fox News says this convention will not be solely about him, even though most people think it will be.

The big announcement just prior to the convention was he running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Pence compliments Trump in a number of ways, bringing national security experience, having served on the House Foreign Relations Committee.

And this week we will find out if the party bosses accept Mr. Trump and if others rally around Governor Pence.

The Republican National Convention kicks off on Monday.

On Tuesday the delegates vote to officially nominate Donald Trump.  On Wednesday, that is when VP pick Mike Pence will speak.

And then on Thursday, Donald Trump will speak to close out the convention.

One interesting thing about this year's convention is the number of big name republicans who won't be there to see Trump get the nomination.

Many of the former candidates and the former republican presidents aren't planning to attend.

But in this year of the outsider, that might be just what we should have expected.