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Royals come to White House, press secretary gets jersey

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WASHINGTON (AP) – A dream came true for one long-suffering Kansas City Royals fan in the White House when the reigning World Series champion team paid a visit.

President Barack Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest is a Kansas City, Missouri, native and longtime Royals fan.

It’s been more than three decades since the team won the World Series and came to the White House.

Earnest grinned from ear to ear Thursday in anticipation.

He donned a pair of Royals socks for the occasion. For weeks, he’s been taking sips of water from a Royals mug during his daily briefings.

Several Royals players interruptedThursday’s briefing to give Earnest a team jersey with his name and the number “15” across the back. They also gave him an upgraded mug and an autographed World Series baseball.

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