Drew Peterson gets 40 years in murder-for-hire plot

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CHESTER, IL (KTVI) - After a judge’s decision it looks like convicted murderer and former cop Drew Peterson is now assured of dying in prison. He was given another four decades behind bars for trying to hire a hitman to kill an Illinois prosecutor.

Drew Peterson addressed the court for about 22 minutes on Friday. He said an undercover recording that showed he was trying to hire a hitman was just nonsense – prison talk.

Peterson claimed he knew he was being recorded, although a government attorney said that was very unlikely because a state of the art recording system was used.

The target of the alleged hit was Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow, who put Peterson away for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Glasgow described how the hitman scenario was a damaging to the entire justice system and it frightened his family.

The prosecution wanted a 60-year sentence, the defense asked for 20 years. The judge split the difference and gave Peterson 40. Afterwards, Glasgow talked to reporters about how when he once met Peterson, the killer showed no remorse.

“A psychopath, I think that’s what we’re dealing with,” he said.

Cassandra Cales is the sister of Drew’s fourth wife Stacey Peterson. She is missing. Cales said she talked to Peterson at the end of Friday’s hearing.

“I told Drew to give up my sister and then go kill yourself,” she said.