DNA detectives bring together long lost brothers

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Mesa (KPHO) -- Sometimes curiosity can lead to good things.

Mark Cochran lives in Page, Arizona and was adopted at an early age. He loves his family but was always curious about his real mom and dad who left him on the doorstep of a church in California.

After searching, he came up empty-handed. The paper trail ended with no clues into who his parents were. So, someone came up with a great idea of searching on ancestry.com just to find out Cochran's background. He paid for the service and waited.

Out in California, a man named David Barr, who also happens to be adopted, is trying to find his parents as well. He was left inside a car.

"I've always had a hankering to find out who my mother and father (were)," Barr said.

So, like Cochran, Barr paid for the service and waited.

Some time passed by and he got a call from a group of DNA detectives. They break some surprising news.

"Lo and behold, I have a brother!" Barr said.

Well, it gets even more interesting.

Cochran gets a similar call. It turns out these two men, both in their early 60s, are full brothers.

"I was a bit dumbfounded," Barr said. "I was somewhat speechless. I mean, that's like, you're told that you have a long lost brother that you never knew about. You hear about that in the movies," Cochran said.

So these two long lost brothers talked on the phone. They said it was a bit awkward at first because they were both shocked. But, after talking for a bit, they decide to meet face to face in Mesa.

Barr drives his motorcycle from California. The two met in the lobby of a hotel.

"I put my hand on his shoulder and he turned around and everything kinda went blank," Barr said.

It's now the end of the beginning for a journey between these two men.

The best part is they are nothing alike.

Cochran works in sales. Barr is a Vietnam War veteran. He also fought in the Israeli Defense Force. He had his legs blown off after stepping on a mine. After that, he traveled around the world on his motorcycle.

While their lives took very different directions, they do have one very important similarity: the love of family.

These two brothers plan to get to know each other and build a bright future. They have a lot to catch up on.

By Jeff Van Sant