Monarch Fire Protection District suspends fire chief, in light of allegations of theft from previous employer

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – The Monarch fire district board announced that Chief Wayne Marsonette would be suspended without pay pending the outcome of the charges against him, and that they would be doing a forensic audit of all expenses.

Marsonette is charged with using a company credit card at his old job for personal expenses such as fire arms, meals and trips to places like Italy.

Marsonette, who is a pilot, is also accused of using a company plane to give private flying lessons.

The Monarch fire district board made it clear at this time there are no charges or accusations that Marsonette has stolen anything from the fire district.

Marsonette kept his job as a pilot and some citizens are concerned that he was giving flying lesson while on the clock as fire chief.

Board president Rick Gans said he is not aware of Marsonette ever doing that, and Marsonette always responded to calls while on duty.

Citizens at the meeting told Fox 2 that they have concerns about the board and believe that if Marsonette stole from his previous employer he may have done it here as well.

"There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes and hopefully tonight will be in the beginning of this house of cards falling because there is some pure evil on this board," said citizen and former board member Kim Porter.

Gans said the board looks at their financials every month but a forensic audit till take a deeper look into an expenses or request for reimbursement.

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