Missouri bulks up money available in college scholarship

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JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) – Missouri college students this year could get more money from a need-based scholarship from the state.

Gov. Jay Nixon during a visit to Missouri Southern State University in Joplin on Friday announced the state is upping the maximum amount available through the Access Missouri scholarship.

Students from low-income families who met eligibility requirements previously could get as much as $1,850 a year at four-year colleges and universities. They now can get as much as $2,250.

Students at public two-year schools also could see an increase from the former $850-a-year max to $1,030.

That’s still less than the maximum amount allowed by law, which a higher education department spokeswoman said is $2,850 for four-year schools and $1,300 for two-year colleges.

About 50,000 students receive the scholarship annually.