Country star Dierks Bentley’s pop-up performance at Vintage Vinyl

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Delmar Loop is known for it's musical history with Blue Berry Hill and Chuck Berry. Today they got a taste of country. Superstar Dierks Bentley held a pop up concert at Vintage Vinyl.

Early Friday morning, a line started looping around Vintage Vinyl for a chance to see a country music superstar up close.

"Yeah, we've been looking forward to it for a while. Dierks Bentley a pretty big name in country. Tons of fans out front, they've been waiting for him since about 8:00am this morning." said Vintage Vinyl Marketing Manager Orlandez Lewis.

More than 350 fans lined up to get a look and listen to the country superstar signing autographs and singing songs from his latest vinyl album.

"Well St. Louis means a lot to me. We've played a lot of shows in St. Louis; starting off with the Pageant and Mississippi Nights. I think it is gone. But to be here, today, in this record store, with a new album called Black. You know, I made a separate trip to New York just to get this record mastered properly for Vinyl." said Dierks Bentley.

Bentley spent time at Sterling Sound in New York City to get his new vinyl record mastered the old school way; using analog equipment as opposed to modern digital technology. For the fans who needed fans on a hot muggy St. Louis day, the wait was worth it to hear Frederick Dierks Bentley before his big show at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Friday night.

"For places like us it gives an intimate feel. You get to be there pretty much up close and personal with him. It helps with the release coming out the day of it's something that can be a lasting memory," said Vintage Vinyl Marketing Manager Orlandez Lewis.

"These kind of places are really awesome. As a kid for me growing up, thank God, without all the iPhones, record stores were the place you went to hang out with your buddies and be seen and check out new music. It was kind of the cool place where I grew up, in the mall, was the record store," said Dierks Bentley.

Whether it's a mall, or one of the ten great streets in America, like Delmar Boulevard, a music store is always a place to hear some music that might just change your life.