St. Louis Trash Task Force working with MSD to clean up neighborhood

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Water woes for one north St. Louis neighborhood now has residents dealing with trash troubles too. MSD has bought out nearly 100 homes due to basement backups. While they are working to clear the land, someone is trying to turn it into a junk yard.

Originally MSD came into the area of north St. Louis around Bittner and Fredricks street to solve a basement backup problem for residents. Spokesperson Lance Lecomb says they decided the best solution was to offer residents an optional buyout. Not everyone in the area was eligible or took the buyout. Some residents are frustrated with the mess it has turned into.

The junk it is major problem. Lecomb says about a year ago they started noticing trash being dumped at the site. He says they were dumping trucks full of building materials They removed 70 dump trucks full of trash from the area in July.

MSD is now working with the St. Louis City Trash Task Force and have put in cement barricades to block off the roads. Lecomb says they still have about a dozen houses to tear down and then they will block off the area with a permanent fence.