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De Soto residents angered over flooding from Joachim Creek

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DE SOTO, MO (KTVI) – People in De Soto were angry Wednesday night and they want something done about all the flooding. Many said they know the cause of the flooding, a new bridge. Traysa Sauer’s car was flooded.  She said, “Since they raised this bridge is when we started having these problems.”

Joachim Creek was much calmer Wednesday than it was few days ago when heavy rains caused it to rush out of its banks into people’s homes.  Kenny White sandbagged his home.  White said, “The bridge has made things worse especially for people upstream.”

The bridge opened in 2013 and there have been three flooding incidents in town since then.

People said the new construction causes water to back up. Before the bridge, people insisted their homes never got wet now that’s all changed.  David Dews is the De Soto City Manager he said unusual heavy rains could be the problem, “The weather pattern appears to be more severe in nature.”  Dews said he’s not so sure the bridge is to blame; he said it was built to meet proper federal flood plain guidelines.  He added that ongoing dredging of the creek would be too expensive for the town. He said, “We don’t have a lot of money quite frankly.”

He indicated city workers will remove debris left by the latest flood but if people want something major done for a future fix they need to turn to state and federal elected officials. He said, “We’ll contact the elected officials on the state and federal level to see if there’s anything they can do to help us out in this situation.

Kenny White agreed, “That’s how you get things done people got to raise their voices and be heard.”

Some folks like the Jordan family are ready to throw in the towel after muddy flood waters filled their basement and ruined their belongings again. Jordan said, “I just want to sell and get out of town.”

Meanwhile, the city sent out a notice to all citizens that if they need help because of the flood to contact city hall as soon as possible.

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