Police mourn two K-9 officers who died the same day

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- St. Louis County Police are mourning the deaths of two K-9 officers, who coincidentally died on the same day.

"It's hard to be without him because for the last eight years, no matter what was going on, I had two extra eyes watching me at all times," said St. Louis County Officer Scott Scarborough.

He was talking about his K-9 partner Zar, a nine-year-old German Shepherd.

On Tuesday, Scarborough noticed Zar was in pain, rushed him to the vet, and got the bad news; his partner dying of advanced and aggressive cancer.

"They said they could have done surgery but the quality of his life would never be the same, so that`s why the decision was made," Scarborogh said.

The quality of Zar's life previous to cancer was all about taking out bandits and drug dealers for the fun of it.

"He was just playing a game I taught him to play, and he loved playing the game and he was very good at it."

It was not game to officer Scarborough however, who credits Zar with once having saved his life.

He would have done anything to be able to return the favor, but on Tuesday he knew the time had come to give Zar the gift of a peaceful passage.

Coincidentally, on that same day, a retired St. Louis County K-9 named Lass was also being euthanized.

The double loss is hitting the department hard, and Officer Scarborough even harder.

"It really hasn`t set in yet," he said.

"Even today for a split second, I went to go open the garage door to let him the in car and that is kind of when it hits home."