St. Louis City Election Board releases applications for fifth ward absentee ballots

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- The St. Louis City Election Board followed a court order Thursday and released applications for absentee ballots and mailing envelopes signed by voters in the city’s fifth ward to Democrat Bruce Franks. Franks sought the documents from the August 3rd primary election after becoming suspicious the absentee ballot process had been tampered with in that area.

He lost the Democratic Party nomination for 78th district Missouri State Representative to incumbent Penny Hubbard by 90 votes.

An unusually high number of absentee ballots (599) were cast from the fifth ward segment of the 78th Legislative District.

Franks and his lawyer, Dave Roland believe the documents will show irregularities in the election. Among the questions they hope to answer: Were false reasons given for requesting an absentee or early ballot? Were the ballots legally delivered to the election board? Did a notary witness the voter actually signing the ballot envelope?

Voters alerted Franks to possible election violations. He said, “We’re looking at election fraud; we’re not targeting voters especially people who were not educated about the process.”

No ballots will be made available to the candidate. St. Louis City Election officials say the ballots cannot be traced back to a specific voter. All personal information from the documents must remain confidential.

Franks expects to ask a judge to order a new election take place.