Hazelwood Central football player’s kind gesture rocks a 7-year-old’s world

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)-Carson Busse, 7, of Florissant, has had to wear a halo ever since surgery, June 7. The medical brace fits over his upper torso and is designed to immobilize his head. As a result, the very active boy has had a necessarily quiet summer, and is not able to play football right now.

“No, but I'm going to join a soccer team,” he said.

Recently Carson and his mother, Christa, were in Walgreen`s shopping when they were approached by a teen-ager they did not know.

Christa said, “And this young man behind us came up and said, ‘I'd like to buy him a football.’ I turned around and said, ‘Okay.’ I was shocked and surprised; that doesn't happen every day.”

Christa would later learn the name of the young man who gave Carson the football is Shamel Morrow. He`s a student at Hazelwood Central High School. And he`s a football player. But not just any football player. He`s the quarterback. “He said he has dyslexia,” Christa said, “a reading disability. So he knows what it's like to not be able to do things.”

Once Christa learned Morrow is a student at Hazelwood Central, she took measures to make sure the athletic staff there knew what their quarterback did for her son. Because while it may not have been a big deal for Shamel Morrow... it made a huge difference in Carson`s world this summer.

Christa said, “I just wanted him to know what a great player they have on their team. I wanted this player's parents to know what an amazing young man they're raising.”

Morrow invited Carson and his family to the Hazelwood Central football game August 27, as his guests. They won’t be able to attend, however, because Christa works evenings. Carson is scheduled to get halo off in as little as two weeks.

Then, you can bet that new football will get a work-out.

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