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Police catch pig in a blanket running across St. Louis highway

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – A woman was shocked to see a pig on the side of the highway this Saturday. Maryland Heights police officers were able to assist in the rescue after chasing the porker across four lanes of the Page Avenue Extension. They eventually trapped the pig in a blanket after shutting down four eastbound lanes.

Police are not sure how the pig got on to the busy road. The pig has scratches on its face. The animal is being taken care of at a local veterinarian’s office.

Sharon Reinhardt-Kirnbauer shared the story of saving the pig to Facebook. The Maryland Heights police department shared it on their page Tuesday:

“So, I’m driving to work around 3:15pm eastbound on the Page Avenue Extension. I get right past the bridge and there is a baby pig standing on the side of the highway, right next to the guard rail. I looked in rearview mirror and thought,’Did I just see a baby pig on the highway?’ Yes, I did, and he was just standing there.

I pulled my car over and come to a screeching halt.  At that point a Maryland Heights Police Officer comes flying past me. I start waving my hands out of the car and he immediately pulls over. I wave him back and he backs up. I tell him there is a baby pig behind my car, he then backs up and goes around my car. He gets out and I get out of my car and the baby pig comes running to me and gets kinda close and stops and then goes running past me and gets under my car.

The officer gets in his car and the pig goes trotting across four lanes of highway to the other side. Kevin blocks all traffic with his car and lets the little pig trot to the other side.

I’m running across the highway waving and screaming to stop traffic like a lunatic. We get to the other side and Kevin gets out of his car. I’m standing a little ways from him. We’re in between the pig; waiting for Kevin’s buddy to show up with a catch net. I kneeled down and the baby pig started coming towards me again and then stops. Kevin said try not to move so we don’t scare him.

A few minutes later Kevin’s buddy shows up with this yellow blanket. Then traffic control officer shows up, then a helicopter is flying over head. I’m thinking to myself, ‘holy crap.’ Kevin is calling in all forces. The helicopter wasn’t part of the rescue though.

Kevins friend grabbed the blanket out of his car. He grabbed one side and I grabbed the other and we cornered the little pig. Then the little pig made a run for it. He darted between my legs and I grabbed his little ass He was squealing like crazy and I handed him to the officer, he wrapped him in the blanket.

Kevin had asked me if I needed a note for work. I asked if can I just have a picture with him, they should believe this. Next Kevin said, ‘I need to get you back to your car safely.’ I said I can just run back across the highway, no biggie. He said he will give me a ride. I said OK. He said I would have to ride in the back of his car. I have never been in an officer’s car before, thank God. I hopped in the back and he drove me to the other side of the highway and then I couldn’t get out. He said I’ll have to let you out.

He made sure my phone got the picture he took and made sure the pig and I was safe. The pig is doing great, he was treated for a little road rash at the vet’s office that the officer in the picture took him to. No one knows how the pig got there on the highway and we don’t know how he got all those marks on him.

I texted Kevin and he said the baby pig is doing good. Big shout-out to Kevin Stewart for doing an amazing job getting the baby pig to safety as well as me. Also to Maryland Heights officers that assisted him. Thank You guys sooo much for everything you did today. The baby pig is a little beat up but he is cute as can be.”

Sharon posted this comment to her post:


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