Goat helps Budweiser the Clydesdale escape from ranch

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SANTA CRUZ, CA – A California Clydesdale horse named Budweiser broke free from his pen last week. The Sentinel reports that his buddy Lancelot the goat headbutted the gate open. The 1,900 lb horse escaped authorities for five days.

Budweiser or “Buddy” broke free last Wednesday from a ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains on California’s Central Coast. He roamed as far as three miles through dense foliage. Searchers had a difficult time tracking the horse.

Tamara Schmitz tells the Santa Cruz Sentinel that she forgot to lock the gate that evening. The goat figured out that he can headbutt the gate open if the latch isn’t closed all the way. The African pygmy goat allowed Buddy and a friend named Harry to escape into the surrounding hills.

Harry was captured the next day. But, Budweiser remained elusive. Volunteer searchers brought Lancelot the goat to help lure the horse. That didn’t help. They eventually found him hiding in some shrubs last Sunday.