Bullet hole found in Ameren’s corporate atrium

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - St. Louis police say crews cleaning the windows at Ameren’s main facility near downtown after discovering a broken window with a bullet inside.  A Fox 2 news viewer shared a picture of the bullet hole from the inside of the atrium, which looks to have come from a large caliber weapon.

People living nearby say a stray bullet so close to home is alarming.

"It makes me sad and also strikes some fear in my heart as a city resident and a proud city resident it makes me very upset" said Diana Weis.  "Unfortunately this means this is a reality of living in the city but I refuse to be afraid of the neighborhood I live in" she said.

Others living near the Ameren facility off of Chouteau agree.

"That is scary but I still feel safe here I would say" said Shannon Mertens.  "It’s not surprising- you never know about St. Louis" she said.

"Its reality" said Louis Hardin.  "It’s life in the city and St. Louis has a high crime rate like your other metro cities, so it’s unfortunate of course it’s always unfortunate but it’s to be expected at some point or the other" he said.

Still the randomness of this bullet and others is what has become disconcerting.

"It could have ended up in Chesterfield, Lake St. Louis, anywhere, no one has control over stray bullets or the random act of stupidity and violence" said Linda Pallmann.

"You worry when there is gunfire" said Jeff McDonald.  "You worry it’s not intentional but it could come through your house or your window.  That’s the scary part- no one is intentionally trying to hurt you- you know random gunfire can do as much damage as intentional gunfire" he said.

Ameren officials say the window has since been replaced.  No one was hurt.