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‘Neighborhood Eyes’ allows residents to share security footage with police

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI) - A local police department is giving new meaning to the neighborhood watch.

Brentwood homeowners who own security cameras may register their systems with police.

The program will help police solve crimes in the area, Brentwood Chief Dan Fitzgerald said.

“We’ve learned that a lot of folks in our community have security cameras set up in our homes.

And we’ve had a little problem with car break-ins lately. And some of those folks have showed us their video and they’ve been very helpful.”

Fitzgerald said in previous months, residents’ security video has helped track down car break-in suspects. The citizen program, called Neighborhood Eyes, would have the same objective.

“And then if something happens on their block, we can call them and ask them if we can take a look at their video,” he said.

Participants can share as much or as little of the video as they want, Fitzgerald said.

He said departments in other cities have adopted similar programs.

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