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Organizers and St. Louis City working to restore central field for the Great Forest Park Balloon Race

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A hard rain before Loufest turned Central field in Forest Park into a mud pit.

Now the city parks department has less than a week to get that field ready for the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow and Race.

Dan Skillman, the St. Louis city Parks Commissioner said the good news is most of the setup was in place before the rain hit, so a lot of the mess on the field was made but foot traffic.

There are plenty of areas of grass throughout the field that are complete mud and even more foot traffic is about to hit the area.

Attendance for Loufest was around 50,000 people, and organizers of the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow and Race are expecting over 100,000 people.

"Beginning tomorrow we will be coming in here with a tractor with a roller on the back and we will begin to roll the area on this side where the main stage was and areas that are still wet and mudded we will be placing mulch in order to fill those ruts," said Skillman.

Skillman said the field might not be pretty but the main priority is making it safe for the balloons and visitors.

He said the mess on the field doesn't scare them away from hosting events at the park.

Skillman said they have plans to redo Central field next year to make it even more supportive for events.