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More soccer injuries are being reported

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(KTVI) - We all know by now the dangers of concussions when it comes to football.  But more research now confirms that other sports have dangers as well and not just with concussions.

The question is do we know why there is such an increase in reported injuries.

A lot of researchers now want to know if more people are getting injured or if the injuries are because of specialization in sports: or if we are just more aware of the problem, so more people are getting treatment.

The number of kids going to the emergency room due to sports related injuries, especially for soccer is skyrocketing.

Many of those cases are due to possible concussions.

Researchers looked at 25 years of medical data to get a better understanding of what's going on.

And they found a number of interesting things.

One, soccer is growing in popularity, so the numbers obviously would go up.

Second, two decades ago injuries like a concussions weren't discussed.  You were likely told you simply got your bell rung and told the get back in the game.

During the years 2000-2014, 3-million kids were treated for soccer injuries.

Most alarming were concussion treatments.  7-percent of all injuries were concussions, but the numbers jumped significantly over the past few years.

In 1990 there were 2 reported concussions per 10,000 players.

In 2013 that numbers was 30 reported concussions per 10,000 players.

Also interesting to note is that football is the number one sport for concussions for boys.  But for girls soccer is the biggest contributor to concussions.

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