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Brazen Home Invasion puts neighborhood on edge, Chief Dotson blames the courts

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Dawn Nwachukwu is shaken up over what happened to her neighbors over the weekend. Her neighbors reported to St. Louis Police that someone entered their home, in the 5500 block of Magnolia, while they were sleeping upstairs.

It happened between 11pm Friday to 5am Saturday.

“That’s a little concerning, that they would come in when you’re home,” said Nwachukwu.

According to a police report, a purse, jewelry, headphones and a speaker were missing. The backyard was overturned. Police believe the intruder found a house key outside and got into the house through the back door.

“I don't know what I would do,” said Nwachukwu

Fox 2 talked to one of the victims who was in the backyard with a dog. She did not want to talk about the incident.

Her husband wrote about what happened on Next Door, an online neighborhood watch group. In his post, he urged other neighbors to check their home surveillance cameras if they had any and report any suspicious activity that may have occurred late Friday night into Saturday morning.

Police say a neighbor reported seeing a woman in the victim’s yard Saturday morning, asked what she was doing and the woman said she knew the victims.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson says overall burglaries and home invasions are down in the city, but criminals are becoming bolder when they commit crimes.

“What we're seeing is criminals become more brazen, because they don't fear consequences because when we do arrest individuals, more times than I'd adhere to we see probation as an outcome in the court system,” said Chief Dotson.