Man on probation for previous burglaries, arrested for theft of ATV’s

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A St. Charles County man is hoping to recover 3 of the 4 ATV’s stolen from his property over Labor Day weekend. St. Charles County Police arrested a suspect in the case, and have recovered one of the ATV’s.

Patrick Jaegers said the ATV’s are known as Suzuki quadracers.  He said two of them are known as quadzillas.  Jaegers said his son Brandon rebuilt one of the quadzillas, and hoped to sell it as a way to pay part of his college tuition.

“I’m really hoping to get at least one of his back, hopefully,” said Jaegers.

Joshua Middleton has been charged with burglary and receiving stolen property.  Middleton was on probation from previous burglary charges.  Jaegers said Middleton responded to a Craigslist ad to buy one of the ATV’s but never showed up for the appointment.   St. Charles County Police arrested Middleton this week following a raid in Millstadt, IL.  Court documents indicate he is a suspect in 4 other burglaries and the theft of a trailer from a storage lot.

All 4 of the ATV’s were blue and yellow, but Jaegers said that could change.  He said it’s possible they’ve been spray painted.

Police did recover wheels and tires from two of the stolen ATV’s.  Jaegers’ hopes they have not been scrapped and sold as parts.

He hopes anyone with information about the stolen ATV’s will contact the St. Charles County Police Department.

“You can have 99 great people come and buy stuff and it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole thing for everybody,” said Jaegers.

He hopes others will learn from his misfortune and meet potential buyers at a safe place such as a police department parking lot.

Here is a more detailed description of the stolen ATV’s.  The one Jaeger’s son was trying to sell is a 1987 Suzuki LT500 quadzilla.


A second ATV that was stolen was a 1988 Suzuki LT250R quadracer.  It had unique chrome extended front a-arms with a wide rear race axle.  The wheels were taken off this vehicle and have been recovered.

The third ATV that is still missing is described by the owner as a mint 1987 LT250R quadracer with brand new OEM yellow plastic on it.  It did not have any of the decals on the plastic seen in the photos.  The owner said police recovered the wheels from this vehicle.