Judge in Faria murder case recommended for suspension

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A Lincoln County judge exposed repeatedly in our Fox Files reports has been recommended for suspension without pay.

Judge Chris Kunza Mennemeyer is known as the judge who presided over the first Betsy Faria murder trial. Mennemeyer kept jurors from hearing evidence about an insurance policy, as well as the money tie to Pam Hupp.

This new action by the commission that oversees judges does not mention the Faria case, but it does mention another case we reported in May.

Fox 2 News previously reported about Jodi Davis, who Judge Mennemeyer kept locked up in a drug treatment program, nearly two months past the date of her scheduled release. Davis’ attorney, Tom Crocco, said it was illegal and he proved it to an appeals court. The court ordered Davis released immediately.

According to the Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline, Judge Mennemeyer then continued making mistakes. The commission said she acted in a threatening manner and filed an ethics complaint against Crocco, despite the fact he was “acting in a professional manner.”

Davis told us in May about the Judge keeping her locked up: "So the program was actually a year-long and it’s called the 365 program. Well on my 365th day I wasn’t released, I was told the judge was keeping me there for X amount of days afterwards. And I had no understanding. It broke my heart."

Judge Mennemeyer’s fate is now in the hands of the Missouri Supreme Court.